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The cash amount you can carry when entry or exit of different country

Not only the number of overseas students continues to increase, but also the number of tourists traveling abroad is growing. When going abroad, you certainly need some money with you, but not many people know......

June 1,2016

Maybe you have some misunderstanding of study abroad in Germany.

These years, there are more and more students choose to study in Germany, but when in the exchange of students, Mr. iAbroad founds some students are not very understanding of study abroad ......

May 30,2016

How U.S. admissions officers select Chinese students?

To study abroad in high school of the United States is more and more popular, then how the United States high school to enroll students? The high grade admission Director (Director of Upper School Admission) Lorenzi Scot of Winchester Thurston High School (hereinafter referred to ......

June 1,2016

Big change! BC province of Canada cancel the provincial examination.

Not long ago, the website of the Ministry of education, BC, Canada announced a news, that is, BC Province, i. e. the province of British Columbia province is about to cancel the provincial high school examination. The news is of great significance to the students......

June 1,2016

Little Common Sense of Study Life in the United States

Do you feel very excited receiving offer from the American University? When you start to prepare every affair to go abroad, do you feel at a loss so much and do not know what to bring to the United States? Mr. iAbroad sort out a study and living guide tips to everyone at the ......

June 1,2016

How many ways of American university admissions?

American University has always been favored by Chinese students, but how the American Universities enroll students? Which ways are better to apply? Today, Mr. iAbroad would like to tell you......

May 26,2016

Differences between public, private and church universities of Spain

Through the former introduction of Spanish, many students come up the idea to study in Spain. So what is the education system of Spain? Today, Mr. iAbroad will give you a brief introduction about it......

26 May 2016

Most popular in Economy, Media, Finance

Recently, an overseas study agency released a series of big data. It showed that the number of students of master and pre-master accounts for the most. The proportion of girls is generally higher than boys. For girls, UK is the most popular country.

12 May 2016